took long enough — but through every fucking thing they’ve gone through. they’re the only fucking ones that deserve pure happiness idgaf - especially rika I8

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shoulda changed the colours of soras tears in the middle right one I8 </3

The Walking Dead — 3x09; The Suicide King

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I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but when Ygritte was dying and this shot panned out, the background is split between fire and snow. It looks like the fire is for Ygritte - kissed by fire - and then the ice/snow on the other side is for Jon.

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The Governor: [Rick and I]… will never be able to live together. Michonne and I will never be able to live together.
Hershel: We’ll find a way—
The Governor: I’ve found a way! … I’m trying hard. There’s all kinds of ways I could do this. This way, you get to live and I get to be…

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[Hannah e le sue sorelle, reg. Woody Allen, 1986]

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make me choose: samships-klaroline asked: daryl dixon or bobby singer